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A successful fund mobilization and institutional linkage trip to South Korea for Bhutan Health Trust Fund (BHTF). (21-28 August 2016)

Published on : 1st September 2016


A delegation lead by the chairperson of BHTF, Lyonpo Tandin Wangchuck was in South Korea from 21st August 2016 till 26th August 2016.  The aim of the trip was to mobilize funds and link BHTF with similar institutions in South Korea. The trip was organized by the Chairman of Korea Bhutan Friendship Association (KBFA), Mr. William Lee.  Mr. Lee has organized the trip for BHTF to meet with organizations in various fields- legislative, executive levels of government, politicians, non-profit organization, religious body, charity foundation, private sectors, media and pharmaceutical companies to make the trip more beneficial from different angles.
While in South Korea, the Bhutanese delegation met with the Chairman of Korea Bhutan Friendship Association, Mr. William Lee, Chairman of Health and Welfare Committee, His Excellency Seungjo Yang and the Committee members, His Excellency Chinyoub Chung, the Health and Welfare Minister of Korea and senior officials from the Ministry, Mr. Moon, Jaein, former 18th presidential candidate of Korea, Venerable Ji-Hyeon , President, Jogyesa, Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Dr.Park (CEO, and Chairman) and other high ranking officials of Asan Medical Center, Chairman Dr. Yohan In and other high ranking officials of Korea Foundation for International Health Care (KoFIH), Regional Director and high ranking officials from National Health Insurance Services (NHIS), attended a live TV Healthcare seminar,  Chairman Kyeongho Lee of Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association (KPMA), and other CEOs from top pharmaceutical companies of Korea and Mr. Kim Hanyoung,  Honorary Consulate of Bhutan to Korea.

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The delegations discussed areas of mutual interests like sustainability of free health care services. Since BHTF is financing essential drugs and vaccines for Bhutan, the delegation requested its counterparts about possible assistance to BHTF in any form so that the BHTF becomes sustainable. With the help of KBFA, the delegation was promised scholarships for medical professionals, scholarships for BHTF’s investment division, donations of medicines and vaccines, referral of Bhutanese patients to South Korea, special health care projects, religious and cultural collaboration, and strengthening relationship between South Korea and Bhutan.
KBFA as an official representative of BHTF has been instrumental in making the trip a successful one and has agreed further support and collaborate with BHTF in the future.
Honorable Minister of Health, also Chairman of BHTF quotes, “It was a very successful trip and we hope to further our relationship with our Korean Counterparts with the help of KBFA”
Mr. William Lee quotes, “It has been my honor to support BHTF to seek for possible donors outside Bhutan and KBFA will operate “3 Steps” plan  (1-To get to know each other, 2- Explorer of Bhutan and BHTF, 3- Technical supports in Donation) to assist BHTF using all knowledge and network in governmental consulting and financial fund management over the decades.  Saving one’s life, is definitely a life-long commitment as Dharma practitioner and I am pleased with the opportunity.  KBFA will operate the program in a long-term, helping Bhutanese patient to be treated in Korea and receiving top medical students of Bhutan to Korean medical schools for training for the bright healthcare environment of Bhutan”
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